history of fashion design in india

history of fashion design

History of fashion design in india the story of fashion design refers the two development of the fashion industry. which designs clothing and accessories the modern industry based around films or firms or fashion houses run bye individual designers started in the 19th country with Charles Friedrick worth who farm 1858 was the first designer to have his level Sewn into the governments that he create history of fashion design.

Golden age of French fashion

The period between the two word wars of 10 considerade to be the golden age of French. Fashion, was on of great change Anna reformation haute couture found new client in the ranks of film actresses American hairesse, and the views and tortoise of wedlthy industrialist. To others prominent French designers of the 1920 as where (Jeanne Lanvin) and (Jean patou). It as a millionaire made such beautiful outfits for health young daughter (Marguerite) that people started to ask for copies, and lanvin was soon making dresses for their mothers.

Fashion in India

history of fashion design
fashion world

India is country with n ancient clothing design tradition. Yet and imaging in a medium size fashion industry though a handful of designers existed Priar to the (9880). The late 80s and the 90s sa a spurt of growth this was the result of increasing exposure to global. Fashion and economic boom after the economic Leberdistaion of the Indian. Decades firmly established fashion as an industry across India.


Fashion is a popular style especially in clothing. Footwear, lifestyle, eccessaries. Makeup hairstyle and body. Often constant Trend in the style in which people present themselves. A fashion can become. The prevailing style in behaviour or manifest. The newest creations. Designers technologists. Engineers and design. One can regard the system of Sporting variour fashion as. A fashion.as a fashion language incorporating various fashion statement using. A grammar of fashion ( compare some )of the work of Roland Barthes.

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