What is the difference betweeen fashion and style

What is the difference betweeen fashion and style
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What is the difference betweeen fashion and style avoid telling about that. Explain the difference in a very simple way just think about it for a second. style is very personal it has nothing to do with fashion. fashion is over quickly style is forever. What in the ster right it now, trand by it now wear it now. But next session it just does hate make much sanp. wearing it a west or money. tethically.

What is the difference betweeen fashion and style
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What you May have bought years. ago and still wear it with enthusiasm because it was so you and fits you perfectly. So buying fashion means, by what’s had hot right new. Everyone an look exactly like.the mannequin in the stare window. But if you incarparate a fashionable.an look exactly like.the mannequin in the stare window. but if you incorporate a fashionable item. Into your own style then his not Just fashion anymore.the difference between wearing fashion.and wearing style can easily. be seen by now people wear it. Some just them of five trends at the same time. That’s what is meant by the world fashion. What is the difference betweeen fashion and style.

What makes style = what makes you.

So your personality is reflecte.your style this can be easy if you know who you are. That’s why teens and young adults tend to change their. Style very often they are or want to be. When you don’t weare items in away. That brings out your personality you can seen to be trying. To you hard and style should be or at least look. effortless for example. You are a very easy going. laidback no fuss king a person,and today you feel like doing. Something different with your outfit you put on heels. lipstick,a nice dress 👗.

you go outside you are wapking awkwardly.not trying to fall with those High heels.the lipstick feel so heavy on your lips so you talk differently. trying to keep like you have to act”girl” so you. Do but you are not you are feeling out of place.and it’s visible not only to you but other as.well you are not doing you World you have.chosen to wear jeans with pretty flats. A t-shirt and some trited lip balm.you do be embracing your easy going/no.fuss kind of nature so you do feel good.and that will reflect in the way you walk talk and everything. conclusion style is so much more than fashion.

Difference between fashion and style.

1-fashion is universal style is individual.

2-fashion is for followers. Style is for leaders.

3-fashion is for message, style is for classes.

4- fashion is contemporary, style is eternal.

5- fashion evokes connectivity, style evokes uniqueness.

6- fashion is propagat, style is imbile.

7- fashion is is normal, style is unique.

8- fashion follow geography, style brakes all geography boundries.

9- fashion is copy, style is awed.

10-fashion is underst and follow by information seekers style is follow by analyst.

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