Different types of fashion designers in india

Different types of fashion designers

Different types of fashion designers are responsible for sketching new design conceptualizing. The next Big style and combining some of. The finest accessories of the world. A fashion designer spend most of his/her time meeting strict deadlines. Spotting Trend and protecting styles. That will be in vogue for the upcoming season. Depending on the sector of the the industry. That one enters into. you there are several different types of fashion designers. Talking care of the activities within the industry. Fashion designers in India are generally doing well. And the category of work perform by them determines the types of fashion designers they will be recognis as.

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Different types of fashion designers

Keeping in mind the basic of fashion. There are there different types of fashion designer shoes apparel and accessories. There may be sub categories within with expensive. Opportunities to the explore. However at a broader level. The categories that the industry focuses on.

Appeared fashion designers

Apparel designers take care of of clothing and costumes world by individuals. Around the world from straight workers to the stars of Bollywood costume designers and expert’s working on this particular category of of fashion are litte as apparel designers. The apparel category takes care of different organs on the basis of which they are further classified as haute couture. Pret-a-parter and mass market.

Haute couture

Apparel design for the rich and wealthy are the responsibility of the haute couture fashion designer. Every customer is give individual attention according to their style. Personality. Taste and preferences. Such a fashion designer prefers to take on person at a time creating garments as per the exact measurements of the individual.

Pret -a- Porter

Design’s created for the mass market. With little effort reserved for the idea cut. Fabric and presentation of. The client come under this category. They do not conceptualize for the the entire population but for specific numbers.

Mass market

The responsibility of creating and predicting stylus for the general population comes in the hand of this fashion designers. Their garments are manufactur in larhe quantities and made available for the open market. These apparel are generally available in standar size with multiple copies of the same design. Keeping in mind the large demand for such product. The opportunity of become a mass market. Fashion designer is the most lucrative at the moment.

Different types of fashion designers Shoes fashion designers

Every individual wears shoes or footwear. Some prefer to match them with the colour of their outfit while the others sense it with the style. Footwear designers are involve in creating the different types of footwear athletic. Casual, formal, party wear etc. They may also be categoris on the some lines apparel fashion designers.

Accessory designer

Accessory designers include jewellery. Bags and all other items that do not come under apparel. Designers of this field in creating beautiful places of necklace. Bracelets hand bags. Scarves. Beits and other items used for accessorizing. Fashion designing course create a foundation for you to enter into the industry. But sector you choose entirely depends on your skills. Intellect. Expertise and passion.

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